Why Am I Starting a Blog?

A fair question.  And one that I have thought about quite a bit since I first had this idea several weeks ago.

There are several reasons why I decided to start this blog:

Facebook is great and all, except that it isn't

I've had a Facebook page for my photography for almost two years now, and it's... fine.  I like Facebook for the social aspect, and it's a great platform for my family and friends to see my work.  The problem is that it's very difficult for me to get exposure (photography pun intended) outside of my circle of friends and family.  I'm hoping that this blog will eventually help me reach out to more people than just people who knew me personally before I started posting photos.

Another problem I have with Facebook is that it absolutely destroys images that I upload.  Seriously.  There have been many occasions where I wish I could just carry my laptop around and show everyone what I see on my screen.  Facebook compresses those image files so much that sometimes they look drastically worse after I upload them.  Having this blog allows me to keep posting photos, but the platform I'm using for my website doesn't compress the images nearly as much.  It's not as good as looking at the full-res photos on my computer screen, but it definitely beats Facebook by miles.

Finally, Facebook is essentially an advertising company.  Their revenue comes from ads.  Within the last year or so, they started to seriously throttle the amount of "Reach" that posts from pages like mine can get.  I have seen different figures around the web saying that, on average, a post from a page that isn't verified (blue check mark) will reach between 3% and 6% of the people that Like that page. (Warning: sarcasm incoming)  Fortunately, the powers that be at Facebook are nice enough to allow you to "Boost" your posts (by paying real money) so that they will reach more people who Like your page.  I could go on and on about limiting Reach all day, but I better just stop now.  I'm not going to pay money so my friends and family can see my photos, which I take simply as a hobby.

I want to share more than just my photos with you all

I love to talk photography.  I love to (try to) explain to people how photography "works" and what inspires me.  Facebook isn't really the place for long-ish rants (such as this one).  A blog is perfect for things like this.  Will anyone read this stuff?  I have no idea.  But I do know that there's a much greater chance that someone will stumble upon one of my blog posts via Google and be interested in what I have to say than if I posted these things on Facebook (0% chance).  So I genuinely hope you enjoy the things I write about.  It's quite possible that nobody will even read these, so I'll just be writing for myself, which is totally fine, too.

For the challenge

On my Facebook page, I would typically post just an image, every couple of days or so.  While this blog will also consist of a lot of images, there will backstory/commentary for nearly all of them.  I also like the challenge of coming up with interesting things to write about, and then actually writing about them.  I used to enjoy writing a lot in school, and I've never really had a chance to do it since.

It's connected to my new website!

Hey, look!  I have a website!  I won't go into all the reasons why I created a site in this post, but I'm really glad I did.  I've been wanting my own space to showcase my work for some time now, and I finally followed through and made this thing.  Since this blog is associated directly with my site (and thus, my portfolio/contact information), if someone does happen upon one of my blog posts, they will be able to easily see my other work, and know who I am.

And finally...


I hope to provide you all with great, captivating content on a regular basis.  If you think what you're seeing is great and/or captivating, let me know!  If I know what you all like to read, I'll know what types of things to post about in the future!