Gallery: A Quick Stroll in Belfast

A few weeks ago, I went to Belfast (Maine) with my girlfriend to visit her family.  On the way out of town, we stopped to take some photos in the downtown area, which also happens to be near a boatyard.  Even with all the awesome-looking boats and adorable little downtown shops and things, I couldn't stop focusing on the doors.. Yes, I'm still obsessed with doors.  Still can't explain it.  Won't try.  I just embrace it, at this point.

So, that's why most of the good images I came away with are of doors.  There's one of some brightly-colored ropes that were wound up in a perfect spiral in there, to mix things up a bit.

We make fairly frequent trips to Belfast, so I'll be sure to make a better effort to take pictures of things other than doors next time.  Until then, enjoy these photos of even more doors!