Doors in the Dark

In this edition of "Man, he sure takes a lot of pictures of doors...":

This shot was actually taken at night.  I was coming home from walking around taking photos, like I do, and decided to swing by Otto for a slice of pizza - always a good decision.  I was heading up Forest Ave. and saw this door.  Now, I used to live on Forest Ave, so I've walked by this door dozens of times.  However, this time, it was the light that caught my eye.

In this image, there's a lamp post to my right (I'm leaning on it, in fact), and the light shining into this little alcove looked awesome.  So I snapped a few shots, and what I saw in my camera was not what I expected.  In reality, the door looked much more illuminated than it appears here.

But I love the way this looks.

The way that the light hits the middle of the door, but doesn't make it to the top or bottom creates a really cool effect with a lot of contrast.  I attribute this contrast partially to the awesome new lens I just got (which I love, by the way).  Anyway, I thought this looked cool, and tweaked it only slightly in processing - accentuated the contrast a bit, if I recall.

Another door photo for the collection.